How Biltong is made

Step 1

We cut the meat into massive steaks.

All our meat comes from Hereford Cattle that feed on nothing but grass. Sourced from approved farms who meet Welfare & Assured meat standards. We always use the highest quality cuts of Silverside and Topside.

Step 2

Steaks are marinated with our special recipe.

Vinegar – Draws out the moisture (Gluten free)

Salt – Seals the taste in with a protect crust

Spices – For the incredible flavouring. Including Peppercorn, Garlic, Sugar, Coriander & Onion

Step 3

Marinated steaks are then hooked, tagged and hung in our dryers.

4 – 5 days: Wet with a red middle (Rare)

7 – 10 days: Medium with a little red (Medium/Rare)

12+ days: Dry with no red (Well Done)

Step 4

We use our custom made slicer to cut the Biltong.

Choose a thickness of Thin, Medium or Chunky.